Who’d Have Thought Texas Would Be Among The First To Fall?

In the east, many states have already fallen to tyranny, New York being the most obvious example. But here in the west, save for California, we’ve been holding out fairly well.

But of all the western states, if I had to choose the next to fall, I would not in a thousand years have thought Texas would be it. Though my personal experience is by no means scientific and can hold no related conclusion, it certainly seems like I hear more stories like this coming out of Texas than I do coming from California. And that honestly shocks me.

This is relatively old news, but the addition of two dash cam videos plus the recent judgment against the man being illegally detained and arrested in this video brings new perspective. And that perspective (at least my perspective) is that too many Texans (it was a jury of Texans that found this man guilty, a Texas prosecutor that brought charges, and a Texas judge that influenced the jury against the man on trial) and the Temple Police Department have zero respect for the law they have sworn an oath to uphold, nor for the constitution they have sworn an oath to defend, nor for the citizens they are sworn to serve.

What does a police state look like? This is what a police state looks like:

Take a good look people. This is how Texas police believe is the proper way to protect and serve — with jack-booted thuggery. The hypocrisy of the two officers’ statements throughout the video makes me ill.

When you can be arrested despite having caused no harm to any person or property, there is no liberty. When the constitution and laws of the land are no longer respected by those who are paid with taxpayer dollars to enforce them, there is no liberty. When individuals are issued a gun and badge by government, then act as if such issuance gives them the right to bring harm to others, there is no liberty.

So the question to liberty lovers everywhere is, “What do we do now?”

Government agents only have power over us when we provide them with that belief. “Power resides where men believe it resides.”

So… what do we do now?

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