Should a Blind Man Be Allowed to Own a Gun?

That was the question posed on a friend’s blog.

After leaving my answer and reading the answers of several others, it was another reminder to me of how presumptuous the general public is when it comes to people with disabilities.

A blind person can learn to use a gun and shoot at targets just like anybody else. I saw a news story just last week of a blind man who did exactly that. He used the sound, from firing his gun, reverberating off his environment to identify where the target was. Target shooting is something he enjoys and a bunch of people that don’t have the slightest clue what it’s like to be blind want to take that from him. It’s horrible I tell ya.

That being said, I can’t imagine why a blind person could possibly be in need of a concealed carry permit. But I’m also not blind, so it’s not my place to say. If a blind man can accurately identify and hit a target as well as a seeing man, then why not? (assuming you’re not opposed to sighted people being allowed to carry)

One thing of note: the news story also mentioned that this blind person (who has a concealed carry permit) uses specialized bullets that are ineffective except in close quarters.

“If I use a gun, it will be at point blank range,” he said.

One thing I mentioned in my reply to my friend’s post was that disabled people are well aware of their limitations and are more likely, in general, to be a responsible gun owner than the general public.

And while I find it difficult to find a good reason for a blind man to carry in public, I also don’t have any issue with it. The man had to go through the concealed carry course and, like everybody else, was required to show proficiency with his weapon before being given a concealed carry permit.

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  1. Stu says:

    With all the attention on the blind being issued gun permits in Iowa, I thought I’d update my position on this. I am now even more in favor of the blind being allowed to own guns than I was when I originally wrote this blog entry.

    Being blind doesn’t make one an invalid. It does not make one stupid. It does not magically render one less responsible than any sighted person.

    Like the old PSA’s used to say, “Think ABILITY!” A blind gun owner can and will appropriately adapt their use of firearms just as I did after losing the use of my right arm, and just as this man has after losing both arms:

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