Safety Reminder: Always Inspect Your Ammo!

Seems like I’ve read this warning in every firearm owner’s manual I’ve looked in, but it’s worth reminding. Always, ALWAYS inspect each round that you load into your magazines, clips, etc.

If you hang around guns long enough, you’re going to come across a bad cartridge. Most of the time the defects are minor and might not even cause any sort of problem if you miss it. But sometimes, well, just take a look…

It’s quite possible that the round in question would fire off just fine without causing any damage to the gun or its operator. But hey, why take the chance? God may have had the wisdom to give me a spare hand, but I’ve already lost my primary and am not too keen on losing my spare.

Thanks to YouTuber ovi1013 for reminding us to keep an eye on the rounds we’re loading.

One Response to Safety Reminder: Always Inspect Your Ammo!

  1. Snowbird44 says:

    Refreshing to see a vid from a real person. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hickok 45, but he makes it look SO EASY? Wish other pistol vids do like you and sootch00…fire the pistol one-handed, which is how most gunfights go down.
    Thanks for being real. Snowbird44

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