Yes, this really happened in Texas

Watch while police ignore the laws they are sworn to uphold and arrest a man who has caused no harm to person or property. More »

Illegal Guns Hard to Get?

A convicted felon-turned-writer says that illegal guns are hard to get. But I prove him wrong by showing how easily guns can be purchased anonymously online. More »

M&P22 First Shots

Shooting review of the latest "combat style" .22 LR offering from Smith & Wesson. More »

Test Driving the New Sig Sauer P227 .45 ACP

Sig Sauer's latest addition: The P226 in .45 ACP. More »

Messing With the Ruger LCP

Turns out the very small Ruger LCP .380 makes for a great carry gun. More »


Sig Sauer P227 Review — Big Bang of the .45 Meets Sweetness

Sig P227 ReviewAfter being delayed several months, Sig Sauer finally started shipping their recently announced P227.

As soon as Sig announced that they were shipping this bad boy, I went on the prowl by calling half a dozen gun shops in Utah. After several weeks, I was finally able to find one at Get Some Guns & Ammo. Unfortunately, Get Some is some 270 miles away from me in Orem, Utah. Fortunately, I travel to Orem once a month for business (actually my wife’s business, but I always go with her for support).

So, what do I think? Well, you’ll just have to watch my

Your Faith In Humanity, Destroyed

Things are so bad now, with one government scandal after another being exposed, that you might think it’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to continue supporting Obama — or any part of government for that matter — right?


In November of 2012, a friend asked me, “You don’t think people are stupid enough to vote for Obama again do you?”

I laughed and replied, “Are you kidding? These are the same people that gave Bush a second term. They’re stupid enough.”

They were. And many still are. If you still have any faith left in the American public, watch this and have that faith destroyed:

Common Lies That Lead To Not-So-Sensible “Common Sense”

One method that both sides of the gun argument use to prove their respective points is manipulated statistics. Remember, “90% of people support universal background checks”? That number was largely obtained by limiting available responses to leading questions. Followup polls completely obliterated the myth, proving the conclusions of the original poll to be complete lies.

Or how about this one, that gets repeated so oft with so much smugness that it just makes me cry — because I’m laughing so hard:

One Revolver to Rule Them All — Well, Rule All 9mm Anyway

So I was browsing around and stumbled across this very interesting video of a Phillips & Rodgers Medusa M47 revolver. What’s so interesting about it? Oh, just the fact that it will run virtually any type of 9mm ammo on the market today.

This includes 9mm Luger, .38 special, .357 magnum, .380 ACP, .38 super, 9x18mm Makarov, and .32 ACP just to name a few of the 25 — yes, I said 25 — different cartridges that it will accept according to the owner’s manual. However, this blogger claims it will accept and fire 104 different cartridges!

This gun is not

Convicted Felon Says Illegal Firearms Are Hard to Obtain, I Prove Him Wrong

Convicted felon Matthew Parker (who has since shunned crime and obtained a master’s degree in creative writing) recently wrote a piece for The Daily Beast in which he argues that illegal guns are difficult to come by. I’m here to tell you that illegal guns — in fact, virtually any illegal item or service — is much easier to obtain than most people have likely ever imagined.

The truth is that gun grabbers simply want you to believe that illegal firearms are difficult to get in order to

Gun Haters, Violence Staters

Ever wondered why the ever peace-loving, gun-hating city of Chicago has so much violence? This tweet by Chicago resident Amber Dawn (whose Twitter account has since not-so-mysteriously disappeared) in the wake of Illinois FINALLY joining the rest of the nation by passing laws to allow for concealed carry may give you some insight:

Vilify and Ban Toy Guns? This is What Gun Grabbers Call “Sensible”

Just last week, Britney Spears’ six-year-old son was photographed playing with a toy gun. But not just any toy gun. According to Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts, it was made even worse because the toy “looked like an assault weapon.” Watts went on to describe the toy (which is actually a squirt gun, aka water pistol) as “violent.”

Well golly gee willickers! Britney, you’re raising your son to be

Moms Demand Loss of Liberties Because They’re Scared

If you’ve ever believed the drivel about how radical Islamic terrorists “hate us for our freedoms,” then I feel very sorry for you. You want to see a group of people that truly does hate you for your freedoms? Try Moms Demand Action.

This group, who claims to want “sensible gun legislation,” has released a Mother’s Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, their sensibilities are about as reasonable as banning dihydrogen monoxide.

Take a look:

Manipulating Firearms Data In the Fight for Guns

Everybody has an agenda. Gun grabbers want to take everybody’s guns, others want stricter regulations, and there are even those, like me, who are full-blown gun freaks who want to repeal many existing gun laws.

Each of these groups is guilty of using statistics to draw improbable conclusions in the hope that they can sway members of an opposing group to switch sides. Done properly, such manipulation of data and the subsequent conclusions can be very effective since most human minds are so easily deceived. If the majority of people weren’t so easily deceived, then we would never support sending our own

This Is What Will Happen If Guns Are Banned

I’ve mentioned in at least two videos on my YouTube channel that “guns aren’t that hard to make,” or something along those lines.

Some of you know, many of you probably don’t, that I am half Filipino. So it was with some sense of pride that it was a fellow (half) brother of the Philippines who was highlighted in this VICE teaser about backyard armories:

The finished products actually look very nice. Naturally, I worry about the quality. But that isn’t really my point.