“Nobody Is Going To Take Your Guns Away”

A favorite line of gun grabbers is turning out to be a lie — just like many of us knew it to be.

This time, it’s happening in New York. Thanks to the New York Safe Act (which, if you ask me, does the opposite of what its name implies) anybody that has ever been prescribed psychotropic drugs, including antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds, is no longer allowed to legally own a gun in New York.

The confiscation has already started.

Considering how incredibly over-prescribed antidepressants are in this country, you’re looking at a lot of gun owners who were made criminals overnight — and not because of any actual criminal activity they’ve committed, but because of a ridiculous gun-grabbing law that says because a doctor prescribed something for your health and you took that prescription, you are now assumed to be a danger to society.

And it’s not just people with mental health issues that are being targeted. Shortly after my motorcycle accident that resulted in the paralysis of my right arm, I was in constant pain due to the nerve damage. Some days it was quite excruciating. So I went in to see a doctor. That doctor took the easy route and prescribed a drug for me. What was that drug? The SSRI known as Amitriptyline.

I took the drug for less than a month, and it did help curb the pain. It also made me lose control of my emotions (the ONLY side effect I experienced and which is not listed as a side effect). In particular, it became impossible for me to get a little bit upset or annoyed. Nope. Instead I would go straight to rage and fury over what would normally be very minor annoyances — and for a guy that just lost the use of an arm, had a newborn child, was suffering chronic pain, and was unable to work it was easy to get annoyed.

Once I realized how dangerous the drug was, I immediately stopped taking it. I’ve been off of it for 16 years now. But if the Safe Act were implemented in Utah, I would lose my right to keep and bear arms. And then people would come to take my guns — doing the exact thing the gun-grabbing politicians keep saying that they won’t do. Luckily I live in a state with the worst gun laws in the nation, so (hopefully) that would never happen here.

While the White House openly mocks gun owners as “the far-right fringe” and calls us members of the “black helicopter crowd,” the low lifes in New York are doing the exact thing the gun grabbers continue to belittle us for believing knowing this would happen.

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