Convicted Felon Says Illegal Firearms Are Hard to Obtain, I Prove Him Wrong

Convicted felon Matthew Parker (who has since shunned crime and obtained a master’s degree in creative writing) recently wrote a piece for The Daily Beast in which he argues that illegal guns are difficult to come by. I’m here to tell you that illegal guns — in fact, virtually any illegal item or service — is much easier to obtain than most people have likely ever imagined.

The truth is that gun grabbers simply want you to believe that illegal firearms are difficult to get in order to destroy the anti-gun-control argument that “criminals will always have guns” no matter what laws are passed, therefore additional firearms legislation will only hurt the law abiding. As such, they will tell this lie in order to convince the unwise and uneducated to support the gun grabber agenda of complete citizen disarmament.

The moral of the story? Knowledge is power. And if you’re losing the knowledge fight, just lie instead.

2 Responses to Convicted Felon Says Illegal Firearms Are Hard to Obtain, I Prove Him Wrong

  1. means says:


    What you said about legal gun owners is so true. If you register your gun and they pass an act, say goodbye because they know, and registration does not protect you. Actually it forfits your rights through through you strawman and you have no common law jurisdiction since that is making the very act they pass probably most likely having the full force of law.

    I have been online, and I run Tor on my mac through my virtual machine. I have not found very many accessable places even on that as Silk Road is no longer as popular or it is scaled down or whatever. What would you suggest?


    • Stu says:

      I’m not really sure. I haven’t been on the darknet for quite awhile. Last time I was there, the hidden wiki had actually been hacked so I’ve been a bit paranoid to visit the place anymore. You never know for sure if a seller on the darknet is legit or not.

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