Another Gun-Grabbing Politician Talks Out His Donkey

I don’t know what the deal is with politicians. They’re smart enough to trick everybody into voting for them, yet whenever they open their mouths stupidity reigns. But fortunately for the great state of California, state legislator Kevin de León is an exception to the rule.

While talking out of his donkey (that is to say his ass) he makes a bold and perfectly reasonable argument that something called “ghost guns” should be banned because if you load them using a “30-caliber clip” they magically become capable of firing at the completely insane rate of 3,600 rounds per minute.

That’s 60 ROUNDS PER SECOND! And we all know that a gun firing 60 rounds per second is good for only one thing: killing large numbers of ghosts.

I know what you’re thinking. Probably something like That guy is full of crap!

Okay, first of all let’s leave what the good senator had for dinner alone and focus on the issue. I know it’s hard to believe that using a specific type of clip to load your magazines can, by itself, increase a gun’s rate of fire so dramatically. I was skeptical at first too. But then…

Now, after seeing that, I cannot imagine how you would be anything but against the sale and manufacture of ghost guns! Senator de León, you have my full support!

2 Responses to Another Gun-Grabbing Politician Talks Out His Donkey

  1. Isau says:

    I guess the fact of the US having the hisehgt percentage of gun owners (88/100) in the developed world is just an indication of the level of violence of Americans. In that case it may be a good idea to have guards with guns in the schools to protect you all from each other. The United States has notoriously liberal gun control laws, and it has the hisehgt rate of gun ownership in the world — an average of 88 per 100 people, according to a 2007 Small Arms Survey.

    • Stu says:

      Levels of gun ownership indicate nothing other than how many people own guns. First, I’m not sure where you get the stat that 88% of Americans are gun owners, because that’s WAY high. The actual number is 35% according to this New York Times article. Maybe you meant there are 88 guns per 100 people? That I can buy, because I own 12 and know many people who own more than that.

      As to availability of guns equating to violence, Utah, where I live, has the worst gun laws in the nation (according to the Brady Campaign) with the 14th highest gun ownership rate at 44%, yet has the 6th lowest gun-murder rate and is 11th lowest for all murder ( We even allow guns in public schools.

      Washington DC, on the other hand, has the lowest gun ownership rate (3.6%) yet has, by far, the highest murder rate in the nation. In fact, if you were to split the nation into two regions of states with the strictest gun laws and states with the most liberal gun laws, 4 out of 5 murders happen in states with the strictest gun laws (that stat might be a bit off… I’m recalling from memory and can’t find the source right now).

      My video about how gun laws affect rates of violence has more info on that.

      In short, availability of guns neither make people uncivilized as gun grabbers would have you believe, nor civilized as many gun nuts would have you believe. Humans, by and large, are simply violent animals by nature.

      Australia and the UK are good examples of how reducing the availability of guns reduced gun violence, but simply ended up increasing all other forms of violence. Rates of violence will never fall until we start moving towards peaceful living.

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