Yes, this really happened in Texas

Watch while police ignore the laws they are sworn to uphold and arrest a man who has caused no harm to person or property. More »

Illegal Guns Hard to Get?

A convicted felon-turned-writer says that illegal guns are hard to get. But I prove him wrong by showing how easily guns can be purchased anonymously online. More »

M&P22 First Shots

Shooting review of the latest "combat style" .22 LR offering from Smith & Wesson. More »

Test Driving the New Sig Sauer P227 .45 ACP

Sig Sauer's latest addition: The P226 in .45 ACP. More »

Messing With the Ruger LCP

Turns out the very small Ruger LCP .380 makes for a great carry gun. More »


You May Think You’re A Badass, But You’re Not As Badass As Russia’s FSB

And here I thought this insane game of truth or dare was the most badass thing I’d ever see. Never mind that the phrases “badass” and “ridiculously stupid” can often be used interchangeably.

I guess those Russians have a reputation to maintain. Take a look at the following video which claims to show Russian FSB agents in training.

The Thing That Bothers Me Most About The Snowden Revelations…

…isn’t that the NSA is breaking laws and violating the privacy of nearly every person on the planet.

It’s not that I think Snowden is a traitor (I don’t).

It’s that Snowden was far from being the only one who knew what the NSA was doing, yet all but one did nothing.

It’s that the American public at large

Another Gun-Grabbing Politician Talks Out His Donkey

I don’t know what the deal is with politicians. They’re smart enough to trick everybody into voting for them, yet whenever they open their mouths stupidity reigns. But fortunately for the great state of California, state legislator Kevin de León is an exception to the rule.

While talking out of his donkey (that is to say his ass) he makes a bold and perfectly reasonable argument that something called “ghost guns” should be banned because if you load them using a “30-caliber clip” they magically become capable of firing at the completely insane rate of 3,600 rounds per minute.

Accidental Discharge Leads to Unabashed Learning Experience

Back when I was much younger — and, as a result, much more foolish — I owned and rode a motorcycle. It wasn’t the fact that I rode motorcycles that made me foolish. It was the fact that I thought I was somehow exempt from the cliché, “You ride ‘em, you wreck ‘em,” or, more commonly, “It’s not if you’ll be in an accident, but when.”

My ignorance of this warning resulted in not properly preparing for the day that I would be in an accident myself. As a result, when I did have an accident, I was wearing safety gear but was not prepared with how to deal with a last-second cut off, the result of bad judgment from a typical four-wheel driver. Now I have to forever live with the consequences of my failure to prepare by losing the use of my right arm.

I don’t intend to make the same mistake with firearms.

Spend enough time around firearms and you WILL experience accidental and, quite likely, negligent discharges. Many YouTube gun channels have

Who’d Have Thought Texas Would Be Among The First To Fall?

In the east, many states have already fallen to tyranny, New York being the most obvious example. But here in the west, save for California, we’ve been holding out fairly well.

But of all the western states, if I had to choose the next to fall, I would not in a thousand years have thought Texas would be it. Though my personal experience is by no means scientific and can hold no related conclusion, it certainly seems like I hear more stories like this coming out of Texas than I do coming from California. And that honestly shocks me.

This is relatively old news, but the addition of two dash cam videos plus the recent judgment against the man being illegally detained and arrested in this video brings new perspective. And that perspective (at least my perspective) is that too many

What’s Wrong With Eddie Vedder’s Hatred of Gun Owners

So Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder recently made his backwards attitude regarding gun control very public during an interview with some surfer dude… well, not just ANY surfer dude. This was Mark Richards, four-time world surfing champion.

Of course, by Dianne Feinstein’s standard, Mark’s interview doesn’t count as journalism, so I guess we can just go ahead and ignore it. But I’m one of those weirdos that believes in a free press, so let’s go ahead and take a look at this, shall we?

Stuzambique Drilling Like a Boss

You’ve no doubt heard of the Mozambique drill. But what about the Stuzambique drill?

If you’ve never heard of it, that’s because I just made it up. But I’ll give you a hint as to what it entails. The Dim Mak (death touch) is a secret martial arts move that can supposedly kill a man with a mere touch. Well, the Stuzambique is not a Dim Mak. It’s more like a, um, well…

When “Truth or Dare” Gets Out of Hand

Why is it that every game of Truth or Dare I participate in seems to end up like this?


That’s why.

What If… You Get Attacked By Zombies While Cleaning Your AK-47 At The Local Twinkie Factory?

One of the most important parts of ensuring preparedness for the coming zombie apocalypse is to train for all possible scenarios. In the Boy Scout spirit of being prepared, we offer up the following scenario and solution.

After a hard day of killing zombies, you discover an old Twinkie factory. In your excitement, you rush in. It will be a good place to do a quick cleaning on your AK-47 — after which will be Twinkie party time!

So you disassemble your rifle and get to work. Suddenly, you hear zombies pounding at the door. Startled, you jump to your feet. But… OH NO! Your rifle and all its parts fall

Safety Reminder: Always Inspect Your Ammo!

Seems like I’ve read this warning in every firearm owner’s manual I’ve looked in, but it’s worth reminding. Always, ALWAYS inspect each round that you load into your magazines, clips, etc.

If you hang around guns long enough, you’re going to come across a bad cartridge. Most of the time the defects are minor and might not even cause any sort of problem if you miss it. But sometimes, well, just take a look…